Thursday, 8. June 2006
Meet the coordinator of the Austrian Group
Ulrike Morocutti
My name is Ulrike Morocutti,I live in Vienna since 1986 and have a lovely
daughter,called Eva.Together we had the interesting experience to live for
more than two years in London.Since then (1990)I am teaching at GRg17
Parhamerplatz in Vienna,the subjects are sports,psychology and lately
ethics.At one weekend workshop I heard about the peacecamp-project and
Evelyn gave me the opportunity to see the film about the last camp.
I am very glad about the possibility for our students to join this one in
Pölla,because I am sure that their participation will be an experience for

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Wednesday, 7. June 2006
Meet the ENTIRE AUSTRIAN GROUP: Tamara Liptay, Philipp Pecnik, Julia Romauch, Veronica Lion, Miriam Kremshuber, Michael Klejna, Cathrine Zaknun, Samira Schirpf

Hello everybody! My name is TAMARA LIPTAY.I am 16 years old.I live in Vienna. My hobbies are sport, meeting friends, go dancing and shopping,... I am very happy, that I can come to Peacecamp. I am sure that we will have a lot of fun.

Hi everybody! My name is PHILIPP PECNIK, but everyone calls me Phil. Ich come from Austria and I am 17 years old. At the moment I'm attending a bilingual school. I am looking forward to spend a nice time in lower Austria with all the participants!!! See you soon! Phil

Where can I start? I was born in Vienna on the 20th of March. I was my parents' first child and they named me JULIA. During my childhood I moved around very often and switched schools four times. When I was five years old my parents divorced. My father had two more daughters who are now nine and five years old. I see my half-sisters very often and we have a good relationship with eath other. I go to school at Parhamerplatz, which is very close to the apartement where I live together with my mother. I have too many hobbies but I'll try to list the most important ones. I enjoy reading, listening to musik, drawing, singing, dancing, taking pictures with my camera and most of all talking and laughing!!!!! I love to be spend time with my friends and they are really important to me.

I am VERONIcA. I live in Vienna and go to school at Parhamerplatz, where I attend
the bilingual class (english/german). My parents come from Prague, which means that
I can speak Czech as well.
At the moment I am 16 years old, but as my birthdate falls into july, I will be 17
in the peacecamp.
I have one younger brother called David, who sometimes really gets on my nerves, but
all in all he is very cute.
In my freetime, which doesn't occur very often, as I have to work for school very
much, I love to draw, read, play the piano, dance or simply relax doing nothing.
With my friends I like to go to the cinema (watching psycho thrillers) or hang
around chatting and having fun.
I also like rain very much and the forest near where I live.
I participate in this peacecamp, because my paternal side of my family is jewish and
I want to find out more about my roots. Since my early childhood I was confronted
with the cruelties of the Second World War, as it has always been a big topic in our
family as well as for our friends. I am still searching for an explanation that can
tell me why something that horrible could ever happen, and I hope to be able to find
more about it.
However I am really excited about the camp, what we will do and what kind of people
I will meet.
Bye for now...

Hallo, my name is MIRIAM KREMSHUBER. I'm seventeen years old and live in Vienna. My parents are divorced ,so I and my younger sister live with our father. I'm studying at Parhamerplatz, a Gymnasium, and I'm going to the english-german bilingual class. I enjoy reading all kinds of books, going to the cinema, drawing and meeting friends. I also enjoy to takt a walk in the nature and to travel. This year I travelled with my class to Gambia, a westafrican country. My favourite sports are riding a bycicleand swimming, especially in the Lobau, a vienisse natural park near my home.


Hi there!
I am Michael but most of my friends call me Michi. I live in Vienna and go to school at Parhamerplatz. I am 18 years old. My hobbies are skiing and other sports, meeting friends and go out and have fun with my friends. I ‘m looking forward to have much fun at the peacecamp together.


Über mich...

Mein Name ist Samira oder samy.
Ich bin ein ziemlich fröhlicher und hilfsbereiter Mensch.
Ich bin Musik und Party süchtig.
Ich bin in Wien geboren mein Vater kommt aus Amerika und meine Mutter aus Vorarlberg.
Ich bin mit Musik aufgewachsen.
Ich singe, tanze, spiele Cello und Gitarre...
naja...was gibt es noch über mich zu sagen...
meine ganzen Freunde meinen ich währe ziemlich verrückt;)
meine Freunde und meine Familie sind mir sehr wichtig denn ohne ihnen währe ich nicht die samy die ich jetzt bin

cathrine zaknun
Curriculum vitae
My name is Cathrine Zaknun, I am 16 years old and I live in Vienna.
I was born on the 30th of august in 1989 in Innsbruck, there I spent the
first years of my life before at the age of 3 me and my family moved to
Boston Massachusetts.
There I attended kindergarden and Pre-school.
At the age of 6 we came back to Austria and I started school in a public
primary school in Innsbruck. Two years later we moved to Vienna and I
completed My Primary Period at the Vienna International School. After
Primary-school I left VIS to start at my secondary career at The Kollegium
Kalksburg, a private catholic secondary school. At the moment I am grade 10
of secondary school.

My Personality:

I am a very open minded and universally interested and educated person who
laves to have fun and is always open for a joke as long as they is inside
the tolerated boarder.
I love to cook, do sports, read, and as all youngsters I love to go out with
My little deficits are: I only keep tidy if its absolutely required, I am
very forgetfully and slightly undisciplined with getting my work done on
time, but usually pricks get me to do everything that needs to be done.

Über mich
Hello campers! I'm going to be joining you for a couple of days to help out with the research program. Currently I'm undertaking an internship at the ‘Austrian Foundation for World Population & International Cooperation.' During my stay I'm going to do some stalking a.k.a. documenting the process of the camp - investigating relationships between groups and so on and so forth. Some of you'll be interviewed by me. I'm very keen on meeting you! I recently graduated from the Vienna International School. As I've read in some of your statements, a few of you survived the IB. I suppose we have something in common there. Now that I graduated I am fluctuating between two options; either staying in Vienna to study law or go to SOAS/King's College London to study Politics/Geo. The pic above portrays a typical winter's day in Austria - on the right hand side you can see me next to my friend Bob. That leads us straight to my hobbies. Most passionate about Snowboarding and Rugby’s also one of my favourite, however my last game left me unconcious, so I think my rugby career is over for now. Traveling is another big priority of mine. That's all really. Enjoy this camp and see you there! Cheerio!

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David Avitzour; Ido Benbaji; Segev Ben-David, Or Ben David, Sahar Vardi, Mor Cohen, Yoav Granierer, Raz Cohen , Harel Swisa

Hi, my name is David Avitzour.

I live in Jerusalem, Israel. I'm allmost 15 years old and I live in Jerusalem, Israel.

I have 6 older sisters, the oldest one is 28, and the youngest is 16. I study in an art school, and my course of study there is drama. This will be my second time out of Israel, and the first time was when I was 4, so I don't remember allmost anything from it. I like reading very nuch, and I have a cat called Baby-lu. I hope we will all have fun in the camp, good luck!


Hey. My name is Ido Benbaji. I am not really telanted when it comes to

writing about my self so I will write hard, cold facts.

1) I have two parents (oviosly) and we fight a-lot.

2) I have one noisy (but since she might be reading this later I will

add she could be nice) sister at the age of 9.

3) I'm vegitarian...

4) I hate school (just like we all do)

and all those other known facts...

have a nice day,



Segev Ben David
My name is Segev. I live in the Israeli part of Jerusalem. I have five brothers and sisters (five too much), and I'm one of triplets. My sister or is also in this project, and my brother Ya'ad is a soldier in the IDF.
I'm vegan; I don't eat meet, milk or age products. I'm also an activist for a variety of cusses, such as animal liberation, women rights, the end of the occupation, the destruction of the wall, peace, workers rights, draft refusing and so on.
I love to play guitar, listen to music and read. My favorite band is Pink Floyd and my favorite writer is Ernest Hemingway.
I've never been out of Israel except for the occupied territories and I look forward to the camp.


I live in Jerusalem, and I learn in the art school in my mother is thither. My name is Or (a girl).

I am t almost 16 years old. I am a vegan and I have a big family, eight people, two parents, a big brother (a soldier), two twin brothers (we are triplets) and one of them will come to the camp to (Sagev), a little sister that is 14 years old and a little sister that is six years old

Almost all my family is not in Israel.

Thus will be my first time out of Israel and my first flight ever so I am very excited

A bit more about myself: I love animals', and I am political activist when I protest against human rights and animals rights

I love my cat "kitsi".

I hope we will have fun in the camp and will meet new people.


my name is Sahar Vardi. i am 15 years old and i have lived most of my life in Jerusalem, Israel.

my parents are divorced and so I live in two houses, half a week in each. I have an older brother in the I.d.f (the Israeli army) and two younger sisters from my father's second marriage.
I spend most of my time (what is left of it after all the time I spend in school) in political and social activities like demonstrations. group meetings and anything and everything else that is related to these subjects.

Hi, my name is Mor. I live in Jerusalem, Israel. I was born on the 22.3.1990 which means that I'm about 16 years old.

I have an older sister called Rotem (19) and younger brother called Oren (7). I like sewing, sleeping, being with my friends and eating chocolate. I also like going on nature trips. I like the desert a lot. I like its silence and its endless open spaces. It calms me. I also like the beauty of the greener areas.


Hello, my name is yoav and I am 15.5 years old.

I live in ramat-gan, Israel.

Here are some things that you didn’t know about me:

I have 1 sister (and we both hate each other..)

I love to do and watch sport. (Football, tennis, basketball, table tennis)

I'm a big fan of beitar Jerusalem.

I also love listen to music (rock/rap).

Some of the bands that I like: Jimmy eat world, angels&airwaves, blink 182, cold, iron maiden and a lot of other things in English and Hebrew.

So that's it, I hope that we will all have fun in the camp..

By the way, any damage that will happen because of watching my picture is not on my responsibility.

8. Raz Cohen

9. Harel Swisa

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Sunday, 28. May 2006
Meet the entire Hungarian Group

Edina Mogyoróssy 25.10.1990 , Budapest

Tímea Nagy 22.07.1991 , Budapest

Dénes Kleiner 29.04.1988 , Budapest

Emőke Rácz 05.10.1988 , Budapest

György Féder 22.07.1988 , Budapest

Balázs Rigó 02.08.1988 , Kerepestarcsa

Leila Abdulwahid 12.04.1990 , Budapest

Dániel Lónyai 08.06.1989 , Budapest

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Meet the Hungarian Coordinator Szilvia Kneusel
mail to
My name is Szilvia Kneusel, I am 29 years old and I live in Budapest, Hungary. In Budapest I work as an English teacher at Szent László High School. I have been teaching at this school for seven years. I don’t only teach here but I also take part in different projects and student exchanges. I have been to Danmark and Italy with different groups and participated in an EU project with Italy.
I, myself also spent a year in the USA as an exchange student during my high school years so I experienced what it is like being a stranger somewhere.
I am married, my husband teaches French though not at the same school. We don’t have children yet so until that we enjoy being with other children/students.

In my free time I like travelling ( I have travelled all over Europe, the USA and also Israel), reading, listening to music and going on excursions.

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Wednesday, 10. May 2006
the singing joy bringer

I have lived in Vienna for the past 21 years...
I have two sons.Aaron, 34,Moshe,32,and my 15 year old daughter,Samira,who lives in Vienna.

My father was native American Indian,my mother,Afro-American,Irish,and native American.

Born in Oakland California.
I sang on the radio first at 5 years old,and have been a student of the arts my whole life.

I have had 10 years training and experience in music therapy,and would like to offer a workshop which I have developed over the last 20 years,called .
I love songs from all over the world. I am a joy bringer.
Hannibal Means

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Wednesday, 10. May 2006
Meet actress, singer and art-therapist
write to
Gabriela, born in Graz, Austria, in 1962, is an actress and has been performing on stage since 1980. She lives in Vienna, Austria.
She speaks German, English and French and has taken part in several multicultural and multilingual theatre productions. On the camp, she will lead a dance-and-music-workshop in cooperation with Gabrielle Neuhaus from Israel and Hannibal.

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Meet the Israeli coordinator
write to
Uri Amit
Tel: +972 2 5661364
Mobile: +972 547 584127
10/b Ha'ári st, Jerusalem, Israel Dear all My name is Uri Amit; I was born in Israel and grew up in kiryat Shmona. A small town, at the very north city in Israel. As a kid, I became familiar with the social and economical problems of Israel as they were reflected in the development city. As a teenager I was an active member in Hashomer Hazair youth movement (a social democrat organization) and as a leader I had the opportunity to join and lead peace camps in different parts in Europe. As a group leader and as a coordinator in Hashomer Hazair I was working with kids and teenagers and had the chance to go through significant processes. I was serving in the Israeli army, first as a fighter and then as part of a team, that was working on a social project that tries to motivate teenagers from development cities and destroyed families to be part of the Israeli society by joining a special unit in the army. After the army, I have started my long romance with education and traveling. I was sent as a representative of the state of Israel to different places around the world to lead and supervise educational projects, took part in different youth seminars worldwide ( in the fields of conflict resolution and mediation ). Meanwhile I had the chance to travel around Asia (china, Mongolia, Tibet, U.S.S.R, Thailand, Nepal etc ) Oceania ( Australian and new Zealand ) America ( both north and south) and Europe. I was swimming with piranhas, climbing the Everest, hiking along volcanoes and try to get the best out what the world has to offer. In between I had the chance to experience some political issues as I was function as the field manager and as the spokesman of "Meretz" party (a left wing, social democrat party) In the last 2 years, I was living and working in Vienna, Austria as a "Shaliach" (assembly) of Hashomer Hazair and representative of the "Jewish agency". Now I am living in Jerusalem, Israel and doing my B.A in anthropology and sociology. During the camp, I will be responsible for the outdoor activities and try to make you all happy by playing the guitar and cook some delicious outdoor receipts. Wish us all a great experience and wait to see you there Yours Uri Amit Jerusalem israel

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Tuesday, 9. May 2006
Meet Swiss-Israeli dancer
who will bring movement into peacecamp
write to:
Gabrielle Neuhaus

Born in Switzerland

Contemporary dance and classical ballet studies in Brussels and in London.
Theatre course in Tel Aviv.
English literature and general linguistics studies at Tel Aviv University.

Member of the Ballet Contemporain de Bruxelles, Dance and Theatre Corporation - London, Imminent Dancers - London, Founding member of Dance Unlimited - London, Ballet Contemporain Suisse - Geneva,
Objets-Fax - Paris, Zurich Tanz Theater, Cathy Sharp Company - Basle.

Performer in Anat Pick’s performance “The Forbidden Museum”, part 2 of the Moving Art Space, “Miklat 209”, Tel Aviv, 1995.
Performance project with multi-disciplinary group “Miklat 209”, Tel Aviv, 1995.
Since 1999, collaborates with visual artist Anat Michaelis-Levy on performance projects combining visual art, text, music and dance, for conventional and non-conventional spaces in Israel, including theatres, music halls, art galeries, industrial and outdoor venues.
Performances include "Silence" 1999, "Concrete Walls" 2002, "Recital for One Dancer and 400 Rubber Bands" 2003, for the "Israel Contemporary Players", "Sewing Ritual: Saying it Over and Over Again", 2004, at the "Israeli Contemporary Art 2004",
"Cutting Water", 2004.
Israeli television version of "Concrete Walls" for art program "Art Attack".

Creation of “Two Team Dance Theatre” with actress and theatre director Aliza Ben-Yehuda. Touring of Israel with children shows based on dance, theatre and pantomime.
Creation of an educational show about performance art, endorsed by the Israeli educational cultural commission.

Extensive teaching experience in ballet, contemporary dance and contact improvisation in high schools and private studios.
Coordinator for the Tnuatron Dance Company School, Tel Aviv .
Head of the Maabarot High School Dance Department since 2001.

Multi-lingual translator and interpreter for various agencies in Switzerland and Israel, for the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Centre and for Multi-Media Arts Agency, Tel Aviv.

In progress: "Right Now I Had a Feeling" New project with Anat Michaelis-Levy for the "Israel Contemporary Players'', 17.05.06 at the "Hateiva" Centre of Electronic Music, Yaffo.

Contact address: 16, Bartenura St. 62282 Tel Aviv Israel
Telefax:++ 972 3 5445124 Mobile: ++972 544 857838

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Monday, 13. February 2006
Meet Evelyn Böhmer-Laufer
Initiator and Coordinator of peacecamp 2006
Vienna, Austria
write to:
I am Evelyn, I have been living in Israel as well as in Austria and am both, Austrian and Israeli. I was born shortly after World War II and spent many of my childhood years wondering how human beings had let the Holocaust happen, how it was possible that human beings would persecute, discriminate or even murder other people because of their faith, origin or religion. I always wanted to understand what caused wars and how one could prevent them. In spite of the fact that I was not at all gifted in art, I used to participate each year in drawing contests about a "United Europe" and would draw maps of Europe with no borders between the countries.

I saw the iron curtain fall, and I am now witnessing my childhood dream become true: A United Europe.

This confirms my belief that great political changes can occur and that our world can become more peaceful, more tolerant, more friendly and more peaceful.

I have a 16 years old daughter, Lia.
I would very much want her and her generation all over the world to become more open, more friendly and more respectful towards other people, regardless of their origins, religion or believes. I believe that each single person is responsible for shaping our world and can contribute to making the world a home for every person and people.

I believe in the encounter of different groups and people as a way to explore the differences, as well as the similiarities, between nations, people and religions and to discover how complex and rich the world is because of the many different people who live in it.

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