Wednesday, 12. July 2006
30. jameel abu eid's

1. It would be fun and it I would have more friends
2. I would like to take new friends and new look at their culture
3. didn't understand the question relay this time sorry

1.I thing that it would be fun and good summer camp we should make
friends and have fun
2. • I would like to take the biggest number of friends and some memories
Vienna and the camp

3. • I will toke seriously and clearly about our situation in palatine

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Tuesday, 11. July 2006
29. Desiree Borbara's
expectations of
peacecamp 2006
1. what are your expectation of peace camp 2006? what should happen there?

*meet new friends and get to know more about there culture, problems and points of view
* have fun
*be more independent
*know my self better and develop my self.

what would you like to "take home" from peacecamp2006?

* new ideas and view points
* friends
*good experience
* mature personality which is open minded

what will you personally contribute to this encounter?

I will contribute to the negotiations, arguments, disputes, stressing pluralism, respect of other's cultures and the acceptance of different others and deinal of the cultural domenation of the powerfull class.

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28. Leila Abdulwahid's
expectations of
peacecamp 2006
Dear Evelyne
firstly REALLY sorry didn't answered on time but i was on holiday and i don't have internet at home.So, i don' t expect wordpeace from
the encounter.i just want to get to know other nations-make new
friends-flare out my view for the word.i would like to get closer to the Eastern culture because it's impossible here-separated- in the
heart of europe.also i'm interested in phsycology,i gladly take part in
terapies.actually i have no idea what should/could i contribute to this
encounter but i would do anything make others enjoy themselves.hope
we'll have great time together.bye leila

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27. Maria Ninos'
expectations of
peacecamp 2006
1. My expectations of peacecamp are that i will meet the people involved, work hard to think together and hopefully develop some nice friendships at least at the end of the camp.
2. I would like to take home a lesson that working hard pays off and some contribution to peace building will come true from our efforts.
3. I intend to participate, support my friends and be active and learn form our time together.

Maria Ninos

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Sunday, 9. July 2006
26. György Féder 's
peacecamp 2006
1. I think that it will be a very good camp, and I will gather a lot of information about the other cultures.

2. Well, the experiences about the programmes, and the other people from the camp.

3. I will contribute to the encounter the type Hungarian culture I represent.

Kind regards

George Féder

Easymail legyen neked is


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Thursday, 6. July 2006
25. Sahar Vardi's
expectations of
peacecamp 2006
1. I would like to have a real dialogue with people from different cultures and to have fun!
2. I hope to make friends, to meet people I wouldn't meet otherwise, and replace stereotypes with real people.

3. My opinions, my personality, and my experience as a political activist.


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24. segev ben david's
expectations of
peacecamp 2006
My answers:

1. I expect to meet new interesting people and get to know them. I also expect to learn about myself by understanding my place in the world.
2. I would like to take home new friends, new experiences and new image of myself.
3. I believe I can (and will) contribute a unique opinion and personal knowledge. I would also like to contribute from my personal experience of living in Israel.

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Tuesday, 4. July 2006
23. Kleiner Dénes's
expectations of
1.:I think, we will talk a lot about our family, and identity, maybe about
our nation. I am looking forvard to take a trip there.
2.:I think my English become faster, and I will learn new words.The
main thing is that I can be in a camp with these people.
3.:Maybe that I can see the positive side of the things… I do not know
them enough to see my „special” side.
Yours sincerely

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22. Rácz Emõke's expectations of
peacecamp 2006
1. My expectation of peacecamp 2006 is the improvement of my

2. I'd like to take home lots of experiences.

3. I will tell my opinions to the topics.

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Sunday, 2. July 2006
21. Yoav Granierer's
expectations of
peacecamp 2006
1. What are your expectations of peacecamp 2006? What should happen

My expectations are to meet people from different backgrounds, religions and
cultures and to have discussions about subjects of commun intersts. To talk
about poltical issues and reach understanding.

2. What would you like to "take home" from peacecamp 2006?

New friends, new ideas and to have intersting experiences.

3. What will you personally contribute to this encounter?

I will share my opinions about different subjects.
I will listen with tolarence to the opinions of others.
I will try to be part of the group and hopefully make new friends from all
the different participents.

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