Friday, 22. September 2006
Question to Austria
There's going to be a competition in Germany between 4 country, and I want to ask if any of you was going to come there. I'm going to be there, and I would be happy to meet with you!

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please give us more information: what sort of competition? which 4 countries?
where in germany? when?

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It will be in Hohenshwanghau. The four countries are Austria, Germani, Italy and Hungary. Last year it was in Budapest (Hungary). There will be athletics on 3rd October, football, volleyball & swimming, but I don't know the days of these sports. We'll go home on Saturday.

what's that?

Well I can't write well in German, so:Hohenschwangau
It's a city... or township... or village... or something like these... :)

there is no such place, i'm afraid.
I've been told, that we'll stay somewhere at a castle...

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