Tuesday, 19. December 2006
Music by William Hannibal Means
from his CD "HEART N' SOUL" (MP3s):

1. And If You Wanna Sing Out... (Cat Stevens)
2. Sunshine Superman (Donovan)
3. Rainbow Song (Children's Song)
4. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Paul Simon)
5. Acrobat's Romance (Merrill Collins)
6. Tingo Layo (Latin American Folk Song)
7. Caruso (Lucio Dalla) [dedicated to Honey Mae and Catface]
8. All In Love (W. H. Means)
9. Seems I'm Never Tired Of Loving You (Carolyn Ann)
10. I Will (John W. Lennon & Paul McCartney) [for Uschi]
11. Everything Must Change (Nebard Ighner) [dedicated to the loving memory of Nina Simone (1937-2003)]
12. I Will Sing A New Song (W. H. Means)
13. All In Love (Cookie Lady Version) (W. H. Means) [dedicated to the loving memory of Mother Means (1913-2003)]

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