Friday, 15. December 2006
to evelyn
hey evelyn!!! how are you ?
is there really goin 2 be another peacecamp next year? if yes can i come this year too ??
by the way i really miss ya :) how are you ??

hugs n' kisses

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Dear Enas,
I am delighted to "see" you here!
Yes, we are planning a new peacecamp - but it will be NEW groups with new participants. After all, we are interested in enabling as many young people as possible to participate in peacecamps.

But we are also planning a continuation for those who were already on a camp. Uri and Nezar will keep you informed. It may take some time, though - we are still searching for sponsors and funds. This is, unfortunatekly, the hardest part of it!

Kind regards and merry xmas, happy New Year

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