Sunday, 17. September 2006
Nagy Timi
peacecamp 2006
Telling the truth at the beginning I wasn’t zealous for the camp, I don’t know exactly why but probably because I didn’t know the members of my group so much except Dina but unfortunately she couldn’t come. But this feeling flew out when we got into the bus at the station and we started to talk and kidding and we started our journey towards to the airport, Austria. From that time I knew that it will be an exciting 10 days.
When we first met with the Austrians we just told our name and turned back to our own group, so we didn’t talk with each other. But when the Israelis and Palestinians arrived everything changed, they brought good mood: we were talking each other loud and laughing. This mood was still alive in the bus, I remember how much times the driver told them to sit down, it was funny, we had a great time while singing.
It was interesting to hear the names at the first session, some of them were hard for me to memorize but after 2 days I didn’t have problem with it. Dance and music workshops were wonderful, we learnt a lot from Hannibal, I mean not just songs, we learnt how to give love for the listeners with singing. It wasn’t a problem if you didn’t have a good voice, our motto was: “just do it” and we gave love. But the most instructive for me was the first talk with Joseph. I knew a lot of things about the Israelis and Palestinians. About how they live and what they think about the war. They didn’t hate each other, not like what we can hear in the news. They want peace and its right. Some of them said that streets are boring without soldiers standing by very corner but if I can choose I would rather live a “boring” life.
I enjoyed every part of the camp in Franzen, the workshops, culture evenings and certainly the outdoor activities. By the way the outdoor challenges were very useful. We got interesting exercises to do, we often thought that it’s impossible to perform the exercise but we learnt how to think together as a group so finally more or less we succeeded.
Hanging out with friends: throwing each other to the lake, going away from the camp in the morning, singing next to the lake at night… these are great experiences, I will never forget anyone.
I got a lot of things from the camp…first I got friends (and luckily I can keep in touch with some of them) second I got a lot of wonderful experiences, and third I learnt a lot. It was the best 10 days of my life and I hope that we will ever meet again. PEACE

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