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1. My best experience was throwing bouth Phillip and Michael in the lake.It was the third day or the fourth, I dont remember exactly but I remember thet they were throwing every one in the lake and no one was able to throw them but we wanted to get even with them and throw them in.We knew we had to wait to the right moment to do this and use some manipulation (and so we did).There was a moment or so that bouth of them were truing to throw each other in so I ran on the dock and threw bouth of them in.

2.My worst experiance was when Evelyn interrupted me twice in a discussion about our curfew.
We were in the dining room discussing our curfew with the adults when I wanted to express my opinion about what they were saying. However, the first time I spoke Evelyn interupted me claming that she know where I`m getting to and started commenting on what I've said, then carried on with the discussion and (sorry for this) rudely asked us not to interrupet her while talking.The second time I was already mad at her but I didn`t show that and when she rudely interrupted me again I couldent stand this any more and kind off yelled at her telling her I want to finish my sentence.Meanwhile, Nezar and Uri asked her to end the discussion by summerising it and thats a thing that really bothered me then that she said the same exact things i was saying two minutes ago. all that made me feel hurt and verry angry which made me cry.

3. i will rate 1 the worst and 10 the best
1. analetic large group
2.inner sound session day in franzen
4.culture evening workshop
6. out-door challanges
7.evening at"ma pitom", vienna
8.amusment park workshop
10. hanging out with friends

4. personally i would change nothing exept for the meniew and the camp's lenght. which means if i were in evelyns place i would make it longer and would have tasted the food before ordering it from the catering company. beside those two things i wouldnt have changed a thing because it was fun the way it is.


everyday at the peace camp was the best day, i just can't choose it's so
hard... i just let u 2 know that it was a great camp and every day was

the worst thing that had happened at the peace camp. when i saw 2 of my
friends at the peace camp that were sad from personal things and not from
the camp and the worse is 2 know that u just can't help them.

- hanging out with friends = 10
- outdoor- challenges = 9
- amusement parc in vienna = 8
- music -workshop = 7
- open-day at franzen = 6
- evening at "Ma-Pitom" , veinna = 5
- dance -workshop = 4
- culture evening = 3
- inner sound -workshop = 2
- analytical large group = 1
but evelyn it's not fair , cuz everything was so great and beautiful and it was so hard to put them in the order of 1 to 10 ... coz i liked everything that was on the camp
u did a great job ..
thank u so much
luv u ,

i wouldn't change any thing on that peace camp.
everything was so cool and we had a lot of fun, and it was so cool how u
allowed us ( with the team ) 2 do wt ever we wanna, there was no permissible
and forbiddin , u gave us total free to do wt we wanna and wt we like. it
was stunning.
only 1 thing i suggest, is 2 extend our stay for more days on the camp ,
that thing would make the peace camp perfect .


The camp on a whole was an experience worthwhile, where coexistence was easily apparent throughout every activity. Every part of the peace camp was needed in order to achieve this goal and therefore I cannot choose only one experience. However, the outdoor group challenges did represent the attempt of unity and coexistence of this camp and were one of the most essential parts of this camp.

Other than having to wake up very early there is no such experience that comes to my mind at the moment.

- music-workshop 5
- dance-workshop 8
- inner sound-workshop 10
- analytical large group 9
- outdoor-challenges 3
- culture evenings 4
- hanging out with friends 1
- amusement parc in Vienna 2
- open-day at Franzen 7
- evening at "Ma Pitom", Vienna 6


Please write your recommandations.
The peace camp overall can be said to have been a big success. An improvement I can suggest is in reference to the analytical large group which in a sense did not achieve what I expected. Also, more political discussions, not necessarily debates, may achieve a bigger understanding to participant’s reflections on political aspects. However, I would not suggest any other changes. As a whole, the peacecamp was a place reflecting unity and harmony, away from political tensions.


1. ) the time when all the participants decided to pull a trick on the leaders, and we woke up really early and left and made u wake up and be in shock.

2. the time when me and my friends where at the dock, and a couple of skin-heads decided to come and harras and throw things at us calling us different names.

- music-workshop 8
- dance-workshop 7
- inner sound-workshop 3
- analytical large group 4
- outdoor-challenges 6
- culture evenings 5
- hanging out with friends 10
- amusement parc in Vienna 9
- open-day at Franzen 1
- evening at "Ma Pitom", Vienna 2

more free time with friends, no inner sound-workshop. More specific political topics discussed, more free time in Vienna, and better food.


1.The greatest thing about the peacecamp was the hope it gave me about our part of the world and the whole world because if we could work so hard for an objective of peace and feel close and successful then there is hope for peace on earth. I felt so privileged to participate in this summer peacecamp and I feel that I discovered myself and that we can do so much if we stick together as friends and work for the same goal.

2. Waking up early was something I didn’t like so much and the food wasn’t the greatest.

- 8 music-workshop
- 7 dance-workshop
- 2 inner sound-workshop
- 1 analytical large group
- 9 outdoor-challenges
- 5 culture evenings
-10 hanging out with friends
- 6 amusement parc in Vienna
- 3 open-day at Franzen
-4 evening at "Ma Pitom", Vienna
N.B.: I would like to give all the categories a 10 but you asked for us to rate them and I have to add that I liked all the categories and I think they all deserve a 10.

4. More of everything and a reunion next summer, please.
Thanks again,


1. my best experience during the camp was when I talked in the culture night,,,because it was so good that we did all that in so little time…that’s the best experience
my worst experience during the camp was at the first 2 or 3 days,,,it was like I wasn’t getting in good connection with the others but then it was ok

1) analytical large group
2) inner sound-workshop
3) open-day at Franzen
4) music-workshop
5) dance-workshop
6) culture evenings
7) outdoor-challenges
8) amusement parc in Vienna
9) evening at "Ma Pitom", Vienna
10) hanging out with friends

4. would change the dialogue seesion because its so boring..

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