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1. the best experience? if i have to chose ONE...I think the day we showed the israeli group around in vienna. first we went to buy ice-cream (really difficult to translate everything ;))), then we went inside the stephansdom, after that we...uhm... stood in the middle of the kärntnerstraße and started singing Hannibals songs...:D
it was soo much fun to watch their faces as we went through the shops (no check-points) and everything.
and not to forget was also the Prater of course!

I guess most of the people will write this down....but i think the "discussions" were really terrible most of the time.... I felt like I was forced to talk. I also didnt like the way Joseph (?) always commented because he wanted our conversation to have a different topic.

8- dance-workshop
4- inner sound-workshop
1- analytical large group
2- outdoor-challenges
9- culture evenings
10- hanging out with friends
9- amusement parc in Vienna
5- open-day at Franzen
3- evening at "Ma Pitom", Vienna

I'd personally give the teenagers more time to get to know themselves on their own.
I also think that Evelyn probably had a very clear idea of how the camp should proceed. This kind of set me under pressure especially when something did not work her way she threatend that this would be her last camp.


1. even if it wasn't the funniest or most interesting moment throughout the whole peacecamp, for me the best experience was during our performance on the other camp, this european culture camp. even before we started our performance i had this strong feeling of being a part of a group, of a small group, a group of friends, who were sitting next to me, laughing, dancing, singing while watching the others' program. but when it was finally our turn, when we all, the 30 young people of us, went on to the stage and starting singing, i felt something that i have never felt so strong before, it was the feeling of really being part of a huge group. i felt so much power, so much joy, so much coherence in the group that i really felt safe and secure. in this particular moment i thought we could manage everything, that we'd be able to do everything and that nobody and nothing can stop us.
and it's a real good feeling to belong somewhere. and i belong(ed) to the peacecamp!

2. 2.
the worst experience for me were the outdoor experiences..even if i have learned a lot from them. in particular moments i really hated those programs, not because the tasks were boring or too difficult or anything, no not at all. it was simply the constellation of our group that i didn't really like. there were some people who always talked, who always tried to lead the group, who didn't listen to the others' ideas, who put themselves automatically in a higher position, whithout knowing if someone else had a better idea. i often felt ignored, neglected and not part of the group. and i was quite surprised of my behaviour. because normally i use to be a person, who has ideas to solve something, who can talk easily and freely to get her opinion across. but there i suddenly felt small and useless..that's why i didn't like this program, even i really enjoyed the idea of the outdoor trainings.

10...hanging out with friends, of course
9.....amusement parc in vienna
8.....culture evenings workshop workshop day at franzen day at ma pitom, vienna
3....inner sound workshop
2....analytical large group, difficult decision between the last two
1....outdoor experience


first of all i would change the people for the outdoor experiences every day, so that the constellation is always a new one..i know, as uri has already explained to me, that it is important to built up a kind of group dynamic, but i think this is and also should be possible the way i suggest it. at least i would have appreciated it! also people would get the chance to get to know each other much better, and not only to a smaller group. i think it is important to be able to trust everyone of the group, every single member, or at least the majority, that's what the games are for. so if one changed the members of the two groups everyday, it would be possible to trust everyone, as having experienced the outdoor acitivties with nearly everyone, or everyone. i think one could at least try it!
then i would either change the analytical large group thing comletely or simply delete it from the list. in my eyes, even if it was some kind of experience, more an experiment, i didn't really get what it was meant for. i, as many others said too, felt closed up in a room, forced to have a conversation with 30 people, being surveyed by someone we didn't even really know. i think it is somehow the wrong way to force people to have a conversation. either people feel in the mood to talk, then it's fine, but if not, it's also fine. i think one cannot force anyone to have a conversation. and then i found it completely irritating, when joseph interrupted us, when we finally found a topic to discuss in a large group, which was difficult enough, only to dirigate us into the direction he wanted. i had the feeling that he wanted us to talk about our family situation, always discuss personal problems, feelings, experiences or different cultural approaches. i think, if he wanted us to talk about something specific he should have said that right away, or asking an introducing question to get a discussion going, and not trying to dirigate our forced conversation into the way he wants.
and that's really it. i loved the peacecamp the way it was and i would onyl improve those two things, but there is always something to improve. these are onyl suggestions how it would have been better for me not meaning that the others think the same way...just wanted to say that even if i criticize some points, i'M very critical, i loved every second spent on the camp!


The best experience was that we were a group and make friends on the first
day. It was amazing.

2. I was sick for four/five days.

8)culture evenings
7)hanging out with friends
6)amusement parc in Vienna
5)evening at "Ma Pitom"
4)open-day at Franzen
3)outdoor activities
2)inner sound workshop
1)analytical large



1. The best experience was our free time we had with all the other participants.

The worst experience was actually all the unnecessary discussions we had how we should behave and the menace of this being the worst peace camp because we were so “naughty”. The schedule was too tough. I came to peace camp to meet new friends, but I felt forced to make friends with everyone because of the schedule.


- music-workshop 6
- dance-workshop 5
- inner sound-workshop 4
- analytical large group 3
- outdoor-challenges 9
- culture evenings 7
- hanging out with friends 10
- amusement parc in Vienna 8
- open-day at Franzen 2
- evening at "Ma Pitom", Vienna 1

More free time
No fixed schedule
No threatening what so ever
No “lets learn each other to know” games, except out door activities. I think it is important to show young people that we are the coming generation who are responsible for peace. Lives are something rare and shouldn’t be lit out in unnecessary wars.


-I think i liked best the out door event when we all had to go throu 2 trees, between them there was a string and we were not alowed to touch it will we are passing it and we have to bring the howle groop throw a diffrent part of it so the howl groop had to work together.

-I think when we "lost" raz in vienna it scared me a bit but she was ok she just found a nother groop.

10 hanging out with friends
9 music-workshop
8 dance-workshop
7 outdoor-challenges
6 inner sound-workshop
5 culture evenings
4 amusement parc in Vienna
3 open-day at Francen
2 evening at "Ma Pitom", Vienna
1 analytical large group

4. I think what I woul change is the beginning because we had like no time to get to now each other in teenager ways.
And the analytical large group.


The summer comes to an end, the birds migrate south together with the sun. In hindsight, and forever lasting, will be one experience in particular; Sitting at the local pub one afternoon with Inas, Maria, Nizar, and Yuri. At first we conversed ‘about the weather’, the ‘weather’ turned into ‘small talk’ and small talk gradually matured into an interesting debate about cultures. Each ‘candidate’ seemed to, when it came down to it, represent one point of view, but kept an open mind enabling other views to enter. A moment ‘in’ understanding. A moment in vain?

I danced to remember, not to forget. Every experience gave me something invaluable for life.

3. no ranking: everything contributed to the final experience, I prefer not to siggest that some were better than others.
Personally, I think that participants should be offered the experience of Austrian outdoor activities such as rock climbing, bicycle tours around the villages, fresh mountain air. Debates could be organised in form of themes and beer should be permitted – it eases cultural tensions. No, in all seriousness, I think we have all gained a fair amount of experiences and I would be more than willing to join peacecamp next year without thinking about it twice. Good going!


1. The best one was when we all disappeared in the morning to get back revenge on you, it was the best event for me because we all did something together without the adults advising us

2. The worst experience for me was coming to late, because all the others knew each other already and to have to answer all the questions, also I had to sleep on a matrices on the floor and sometimes they stept on me. But it wasn#t to bad after all.

3. 10. hanging out with friends
9. culture evenings
8. amusement parc in Vienna
7. dance workshop
6. music workshop
5. analytical large group
4. inner sound workshop
3. open day at Franzen
2. evening at "Ma Pitom", Vienna
1. outdoor challenges

4. I would change something about the analytical large group, because we never got a real discussion started, or the adviser disturbed us again or it was a them not important for everyone.


1) The best experience was, when Hanibal put on the music at 7 o’clock and everyone woke up.

2) When we were attacked on the lake…. That was not very funny.

10 outdoor-challenges
9 analytical large group
8 hanging out with friends
7 culture evenings
6 open-day at Franzen
5 amusement parc in Vienna
4 music-workshop
3 inner sound-workshop
2 dance-workshop
1 evening at "Ma Pitom", Vienna

4) I would like to change the place for the camp. Maybe some town with a bigger lake would be better than Franzen. Maybe there should be also more different activities.


1. The people I got to know there

2. When people stated throwing with cake
and salad because they were so bored


4. More interesting location,
more information about the conflicts and more talking about improving peace
in the world. Less experimentation.

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