Sunday, 17. September 2006
4 questions
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1. Please write down the BEST experience you had at peacecamp 2006
(only one: please describe the experience/event )

The early morning action. It was a really good experiance to feel : WE
ARE ONE GROUP. On that morning it wasn’t the best thing, but by the
time it become one of the best thing. But it’s yust one of the lot...

2. Please write down the WORST experience you had at peacecamp
(only one: please describe the experience/event)

Hmm... The Goodbye was not good... But the worst was to realize: we
were going home.
Otherwise cleaning up after the mess was also a miserable feeling...

3. Please put the following activities in the order of your preference
from 10 (what you liked most) to 1 (what you liked least):

best 10- amusement parc in Vienna
9- hanging out with friends
8- culture evenings
7 - music-workshop
6 - outdoor-challenges
5 - dance-workshop
4 - open-day at Franzen
3 - inner sound-workshop
2 - analytical large group
least:1 - evening at "Ma Pitom", Vienna

4. What would you improve/change in peacecamp?
There’s a song:
"And I love you the way you are there’s nothing you need to change..." I think it wasn’t so many problem... I think.... We should find the best way in our freedom in the others freedom, and
in the rules...I’ve found it...It’s a great feeling when you understand
that there could be worse and better things, but all of them helps you
to feel the differences and the BEST things.
Hmm... I hope it’s understandable...


1. . I had never been together with so different people coming from so different places. And it was amazing that we could enjoy the time so much we spend together (without serious conflicts) and could make close friendships.

2. Sometimes I sufffferred from the lack of sleep because we had such a good time even in the nights. But fortunately this humble thing is the worst I can mention. :D

- music-workshop 9
- dance-workshop 5
- inner sound-workshop 3
- analytical large group 4
- outdoor-challenges 8
- culture evenings 6
- hanging out with friends 10
- amusement parc in Vienna 7
- open-day at Franzen 2
- evening at "Ma Pitom", Vienna 1

4. Basically, it was very well-organised so I cannot write too much. But, if I must:
The 10 days we spent together is very short. You could expand it to 14 days at least. It would be only 4 extra days, but I believe the campers would appreciate it.
It is better to organise the camp in a non-populated area (like previous year as I heard) to avoid disturbing local people


My best experinence was gyuri’s and my birthday. We had a great time..we were dancing a lot, after we were playing with the cake (certanly we cleaned it too =p) and then we swam in the lake in casual clothes. So this day was the most funny and crazy day for me=)

2. I think everyone has the same opinion about this question. The worst was when we were standing in the airport and we should say ’bye’ to everyone. Leaving each other was a very bad feeling and it is still alive.


10.- hanging out with friends
9.- evening at "Ma Pitom", Vienna
8.- amusement parc in Vienna
7.- music-workshop
6.- outdoor-challenges
5.- dance-workshop
4.- culture evenings
3.- analytical large group
2.- inner sound-workshop
1.- open-day at Franzen

4. The music-workshop could have been longer and in the afternoon we could have had a little bit more freetime.

1.. The whole peacecamp was a very good experience for me... To meet people with other countries who has different cultures and to make friendship with a lot of them...
But i think the most memorable event for me was my birthday in the peacecamp.I couldnt imagine that we will celebrate it in the camp but we did it. And it was really kind of them.Even though they threw me into the lake...But that made it special.And of course the party after it in the decorated room with a cake.It was touching for me...

2. Maybe the worst experience for me was your reaction to our joke when one morning almost all of us "disappeared"...In our opinion it was not more than an innocent joke thats why we could not understan why are you so angry at us...


3. 10. hanging out with friends
9. amusement parc in Vienna
8. evening at "Ma Pitom", Vienna
7. outdoor-challenges
6. music-workshop
5. culture evenings
4. open-day at Franzen
3. dance-workshop
2. inner sound-workshop
1. analytical large group

4. . In the evenings you should allow the students to hang out longer...


1. My best experience at peacecamp 2006 was maybe when Philpp
dropped me into the lake in my clothes!!!:) Than I had to wash my hair
for the third time that day!! Actually it wasn't too much fun that time,
but it's really funny to remember now!

2. . My worst experience was when my camera was lost, and
unfortunatelly I haven't found it.

10 hanging out with friends
9 amusement park in Vienna
8 outdoor-challenges
7 music-workshop
6 culture evenings
5 dance-workshop
4 evening at "Ma Pitom", Vienna
3 open-day at Franzen
2 analytical large group
1 inner-sound-workshop

4. What I would change: I wouldn't do inner sound-workshop and
analitical large group and that way we would also have more free time.
I think everything else was alright!


1:It's the hardest question because I could select from a thousand things. Maybe I won't describe the happiest or the best, but the one that comes to my mind just now. This one is one of the evenings, when all the group singed "Oh Mary, oh Martha....." and why I choose it is because after a while, everyone's complexes went away, and we were singing loudly, dancing, and enjoyed ourself with the other nations, and this was very very good all by itself, and it had two other benefits: that was one of the moment when I completely realised that we are not arabs, hungaryans, austrians and jeweish, but PEOPLE. Ok, we have the differences all right, but not that much like if they would be another race or something. The other was that that night had a very exceptional atmosphere which made all the group come closer to each other.
2:I never think of the wrong side of peace camp. Mainly because there was hardly any. Mybe the worst thing in the camp was that we had to get up in the morning about 7-8 o'clock, but it won't change I suppose.
The correct order is:
10:- music-workshop
9:- dance-workshop
8:- outdoor-challenges
7:- culture evenings
6:-hanging out with friends
5:- analytical large group
4:- evening at "Ma Pitom", Vienna
3:- amusement parc in Vienna
2:- open-day at Franzen
1:- inner sound-workshop

4:The only thing I would change is that in the first days, I wouldn't force group activities and forced getting-togethers, but would let the paticipant to get to know each other more freely. They are there to get to know to the members of other countries, so they might do the basic introduction by theselves,. After that, the workshops and the group activities will hepl them, but just after they heva opened to each other.

Yours faithfully


1. my best experience was when we made an outdoor activity
succeesfully.when we had to get to the other side without "burning"
from the ropes.i felt we're a great team and we made almost phisically
impossible things.

my worst experience was on the first night i know nobody and it was
hard start convesation with the others.i felt uncomfortable.

2.hanging out with friends
3. music-workshop
4.amusement parc in Vienna
6.culture evenings
7.evening at "Ma Pitom", Vienna
8.inner sound-workshop
9.analytical large group at Franzen
have no idea how to improve peacecamp i was absolutely setisfied
everything was great.i enjoyed it very much.think you did good job.


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