Tuesday, 5. September 2006
A project in Germany

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heey.. can someone plz traslate for us what is the project about ?
tnx alot
hugs n' kisses
enas z.

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theatre project: Palestinian, Israeli and German kids...
... show a play about real life developed by themselves.

this is a project by Peace Child Israel led by Lewine-Boskovich, Tel-Aviv MelissepciATnetvision.net.il
Peace Child Israel עמותת ילדי השלום
P.O. Box 3669 Tel Aviv 61036
ת.ד. 3669 תל אביב 61036
Tel: (972-3) 730-0481
Fax: (972-3) 730-0695
Official website:

more about it in http://www.mideastweb.org/peacechild/g6/germany_peacechild6.html

thank you :)
heey evelyn thanks for translating the article for us :) do u know when is the film about the camp will be ready ? or if it is already how can we get a copy of it.. tnx alot again :)
by the way.. how r u ?
hugs n' kisses
enas z.

film about peacecamp 2006
dear enas
the film is not ready yet. when it will be ready, we'll arrange a screening in israel and in austria or hungary and you will then be able to visit whoever you want to show them the film.

can we PLZ all watch it together and not in two groups ?:)

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