Sunday, 3. September 2006
Denish's feedback on peacecamp 2006
denish, Saturday, 2. September 2006, 17:42
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About the camp…

Well… it is not an easy job to write about it, because I could write a year long text or yust five words: It was more than wonderful!
But now I will try to write a bit more, but not that much.
Truely when I was thought about the camp before the it srarted, I thought that we valways have to stay between the two southern nation. I looked throught our nations wars, to ready to say examples how tho make peace, and how does wars started. When our group went there we asked our teacher to tell something us about the war there, because we always heard about the lesses but not about the war.
When we arriwed, we met the Austrian participants, told our names, and… nothing! I am always angry with myself that I was shy there!
After an hour, the Israely and the Palestinian kids arriwed things changed. First: we talked! Second: I was felt that they are not fighting with each other, they are not look each other as some animals or else… I did not kow who was Israely and who was Palestinian!
With time I understood that it is yust a little part of the nation, who do not hate the other side. That was why I sad that the camp is a good step to make peace, but we needed those kids who hate each other, to let them to see: people on the other side are also humans. Humans with mistakes, with problams, with dreams and with the feeling to make peace.
On the camp we always worked together. If some of us did not thought that we could do the job he or she did not made problam to the others. And to tell the trouth I think we worked the best when we wanted to make the teachers to SUFFERRRR. (We got up earlier, went away, and we wanted to arrive back a half hour later, than the first job started.) They (or You-if You who read it is one of them) did not heard about it before the action, but many of us did not like the idea, for example me. After we got up, mostly the whole group went. I think I made my best photoes there.
By the time we get really close to each other, and the time went away, as birds fly- as we say it in Hungary- and we felt that it is time to go home! I have not felt myself as miserable as there since… I do not know when…
At home I started writing them in the first days, yust to feel them closer.
Now, about a month later I think I can not forget any moment, and I can not lose them because of the internet…!

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