Tuesday, 8. August 2006
to evelyn
heey evelyn i wonder...
well we all miss each other like hell! so can u concider to reunite us soon :)? and another question.. are we allowed to come to next year's camp? the whole group?

big hug
enas z.

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next year?
dear enas,

i am glad that you are interested in another peacecamp
but before i can even start thinking about it, i must finish this peacecamp.

finishing means that i have to do what i have committed myself to do: the assessment; i must write up a summary with the results of this peacecamp. this is as much work (if not more) as the preparatory work before the peacecamp.
in order to do this, i need the data that i have asked all the participants to supply, but unfortunately, i am far from having received all of them.

before this is done, i cannot even start thinking of the next step, i.e. another camp.

In the meantime you can pursue any relationships which have developed amongst you. i would be glad to see that you stay in touch with each other, accross countries, accross religions, accross nations.

I am sure that the seeds of trust and friendship we have planted in Franzen can now grow and blossom by themselves.

kind regards

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